10 Powerful Ways To Protect Your Energy

As humans, we spend a lot of time taking care of our bodies by eating right and exercising. We focus on balancing life, work, and sleep. We take time out to attend to the emotional needs of our friends and families as well. But very often we do not take the time out to take care of our mind or even talk about why it is important to do so.

Our energy is the power and ability to be physically and mentally active and healthy. We have the potency, power, and capacity to possess qualities like determination, passion, tranquility, dedication, patience, and persistence. If we fail to protect our energy these qualities will fade away and we will begin to feel the impact emotionally, physically, and mentally.

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​Having a strong and healthy mind goes a long way in your overall health. When you stay positive or make a conscious effort to stay in a positive frame of mind, you can improve the strength of your mind and energy.

Protecting your energy is about being in control. You have to be able to listen to your body to know when too much is going on and when you need a moment to pause, reflect, adjust, and recharge. You can be in the best shape of your life, but if something or someone is draining you mentally, you will feel terrible, and the effects can be detrimental.

But do not despair, your body and mind are remarkable and intelligent in so many ways that it can give you signs of when something is wrong, when something is off, or when you need to slow down. Listening to your body is about being attentive to all the messages and signals you receive from your mental, physical, and emotional bodies. When you start to listen to your body and mind, you are taking the first step into protecting your energy.


Embrace your feelings

Becoming aware of your feelings and embracing them with love and kindness can help you reduce anger and emotional pain. Sometimes it can get very hard to embrace our feelings because the pain might be too much to bear. You may keep yourself busy so that you are not able to deal with those tough emotions. But each emotion has a purpose and a reason for being there. When you acknowledge the feelings you are experiencing, you are allowing yourself to heal, to remove stress, to remove irritability and tension as you move on.

Set boundaries

Setting boundaries can sometimes be difficult to do. A few years ago it was hard for me to set boundaries with others. I struggled with the concept and kept giving myself to others. I started to overextend myself until I eventually became burnt out, disappointed, and exhausted. At that time, my father saw how drained I had become and said to me, “Becky, slow down, stop overextending yourself so much for others because it can break you.” I knew what he met, but at that time, I felt as though I was just being a good friend to others. Unfortunately, I was wrong to some degree, and I ended up being burnt-out, hurt, and disappointed.To protect and preserve your energy, you need to set boundaries. Setting boundaries is not about being mean or selfish with others. It is taking the time out to tend to your needs because they are just as important too. Learn to say no thanks, not right now, and no without the feeling guilty. Drawing a line for which you are not able to extend yourself is a powerful measure that will keep you from draining yourself from other people’s demands.

Create a “bubble”

Huh? What? Create a bubble? What do you mean?

When it comes to protecting yourself from negative energy, creating a “bubble” can help. Creating visuals is such a powerful thing and placing yourself in a “bubble” will help you to tap into your inner power that you control.
Close your eyes and picture yourself in your “bubble” surrounded by a soft colored light.  This bubble is your protective shield that is creating a barrier between you and the energies around you.

Be consistent with self-care

Let’s face it. Very often we are busy taking care of the needs of others that we seldom take the time to check-in with ourselves. But if you want to protect your energy you will have to start making a conscious effort to take care of yourself emotionally, physically, and mentally. You have to take action in preserving your health.

The concept of self-care is very simple but it is often overlooked because you may not be taking the time out to give your body and mind the rest that it needs. Develop a routine where you can have time just to yourself. Don’t feel guilty when doing so, because you are taking time out to refocus, regroup, and recharge your batteries. You need it and you deserve it!

Understand that you can give off negative energy too

It may be hard to admit but sometimes we can get caught up in disliking the negativity in others. It is okay if you decide not to be around certain people because of the energy they may give off, but don’t get caught up spending your energy reacting to it. By doing this your ego comes into play, and when this occurs you are allowing your energy to become toxic.Before you react, take a minute to pause. Do not give in to your ego and waste your energy. Protecting your energy from energies that hurt you is great, but you have to also be mindful of how your words and actions can hurt others and negatively impact their energy as well.
Preserve your energy

How many of us are guilty of giving away our energy too much? I am, but I am getting better. If you are feeling drained and burnt-out all the time it means that you are allowing someone or something to take all your happy energy away from you. Make a vow to stop that today! Create a mantra as a reminder if you have to.This is why setting boundaries is so important. You’re setting boundaries not because you feel like you should or that you want to, but it is really because you have an understanding of how preserving your energy is important to your health. You also understand the negative consequences that can occur when you keep giving your energy away.

Create a haven at home

Believe it or not, your environment affects your energy also. Create a soothing and relaxing home that is full of calming colors, textures, and styles that you love. Create an ambiance that will help center you and bring you peace.  Listen to music, read a book, invest in dimmable lights, engage in a favorite hobby, and learn a new craft. Coming home to your safe haven from a stressful and hectic day will help to release negative energy.

Exercise mindfulness

Mindfulness is all about being able to ground yourself and focus on being in the present moment. You are not thinking about the past, you are not thinking about the future, but you are centering your thoughts to focus on the present.  By definition, mindfulness is “a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.”  You can achieve this state of awareness by trying these steps at least every other day:

  • Find a place to sit that feels calm and quiet to you
  • Set a time limit of 5-10 minutes
  • Notice your body – make sure to position yourself comfortably
  • Feel your breath going in and out of you
  • Breathe in positive energy and release those negative energies
  • Notice when your mind wanders so that you will be able to refocus
  • Continue to focus on your breath until the time comes to an end

Find your happy place

Your happy place is somewhere you can go in your mind that will bring your joy and peace. It is a place that will not only center you, but it will make your mind smile, relax, and feel positive. Your happy place is also your haven where you feel safe, secure, and free from any negative energies. Spend a minute or two just being in your happy place, this will help to recharge your batteries.

What is your happy place? Feel free to leave in the comments section.

Trust yourself

Just like listening to your body, trusting yourself is equally important. Protect your energy by listening to your instincts (that ‘gut’ feeling). If you find yourself feeling drained or overwhelmed after being around someone or something, then there is a reason for that. Over time you will learn what and who adds positivity to your energy and vice versa. If something or someone is making you feel off, then limit your exposure to it/them.


​Protecting your energy is important for your mental, physical and emotional health. By protecting your energy you are opening up the door for optimal health and overall happiness.

Once you understand that you have the power to control your thoughts, actions, and feelings, you begin to strengthen your mind and soul every time you protect your energy.

Your energy is your most valuable asset.

Rebekah Charles

Rebekah Charles

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