Blogger Recognition Award 2020

About a week and a half ago, I received some fantastic news! With my blog being only five months old, it is an honor to have been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award. To be honest, I never expected to be recognized for my blogging so quickly, but I am grateful and honored for being acknowledged for the work I have put in. I am delighted to see so many people finding my content insightful, helpful, and refreshing.


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I was nominated for this award twice in one day. Can you believe it? So before I go any further, I just want to thank Nacia of The Silent Torch and Tiffany of Metaphysical Mama.

Mental health. The purpose of her blog is to bring awareness and understanding to mental health. Not only does she blog about mental health, but her blog also focuses on positivity and motivation to help anyone going through difficult times.

Tiffany is also an amazing writer and content creator. Her blog is all about healing yourself from within to help heal those around you. Tiffany shares her life experiences with you and touches on the importance of having a loving and supportive system to help you live a meaningful and fulfilled life.



What is the Blogger Recognition Award?

The Blogger Recognition Award is an award given by bloggers to bloggers for all their hard work and dedication they’ve put into creating a blog. It is their way of showing support, acknowledging, motivating, and promoting other bloggers who have dedicated themselves to their work, putting in the sweat and tears, and producing valuable content for their readers.

The Rules

  • Start by thanking the blogger for nominating you and link to their blog
  • Write a blog post on your website showing your award
  • Tell your story as to why you started your blog
  • Write two pieces of advice you have for new bloggers
  • Nominate 10-15 more bloggers
  • Notify each of your nominees that you’ve nominated them


Why Did I Start My Blog

I started my blog in July of 2020. Having a blog was something I wanted to do a few years back, but I haven’t had the time to get around to start building and working on my blog because of my work. Fast forward to 2020, my father had a stroke, and the pandemic hit. Working from home allowed me to have more time to get things done, but I didn’t do much because I was on the verge of getting a nervous breakdown due to not coping well with my father’s stroke. I had to do something to get out of that mindset, and I decided to start working on my blog as a coping mechanism to help me center my thoughts and ground me in the present moment.

In addition to this blog being my safe haven, I wanted it to be a safe haven for others. I wanted to have a place where people can learn and gain more knowledge on mental health, child and adolescent development, wellness, and relationships. While researching blogging, I kept reading that it was important to have a niche, but it was difficult for me to have one niche. I am very passionate about mental health, child and adolescent development, wellness, and relationships, which is why I want to bring more awareness to these topics that are personal, detailed, thorough, and relatable.

Even though I have extensive knowledge in these areas, I love blogging because I am always learning something new, and it has helped me grow and expand in so many areas of my life. I am an introvert, and blogging helps put myself out there more, and I love the challenge so far!

Two Pieces of Advice For New Bloggers

Go at your own pace

One thing I have learned from blogging is that it can become very time-consuming! I had no idea of this until I started my blogging journey. It is a great and wonderful feeling when you hit publish on your website, but the work you put into creating the content is time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming.

So, go at your own pace, find what works for you. If you work full time, publishing content 3-4 times a week can be daunting and maybe even impossible. For me, I am not able to do that, and I’m okay with that. Quality over quantity is always better.

Once you get into the groove of things, you will know what works for you. I research during the week and outline what I want to include in my post, then two days before publishing, I start to write and get my article ready to publish.

Take away:

  • Figure out what your days you want to do your research and do your outline
  • Figure out what day(s) you want to publish. 2x a week or once a week for example.
  • Try to stick with a schedule
  • Take breaks especially when you have mental block


Don’t be afraid

Yes, you heard right. Believe it or not, sometimes it’s scary putting yourself and your work out there for people because you genuinely have no idea how they will react. This was me when I first started blogging. I was super nervous about going live, but I sucked it up and said F it! BEST DECISION EVER! The support from the blogging world is unbelievable. The amount of push and motivation I receive to keep going has decreased my anxiety and fear that I initially had.

So go at your own pace, but at the same time, don’t be afraid to take that step to push yourself forward. I work on this daily, and one of my goals for December is to go live on Instagram and do a workshop on stress and mental health. I am super nervous about it and hope that I can do it when the time comes.

Blogging has been life-changing for me, and I can’t wait to see how far I will go on this journey.


My Nominees

There are so many great bloggers out there and it was hard to just choose, but you are all amazing!

  1. W.T.F.F (Working Towards Financial Freedom):
  2. Clarissa Cabbage | Adventures Fit For Life
  3. The black princess diaries
  4. Joey | Concealed Voices
  5. Catarina | Beauty of Café
  6. Demi Le Huray | Mental health & lifestyle Blog
  7. Randi | Surviving Mom Blog
  8. Brain Wars
  9. Richie | Richie’s Room



Thanks again, Nacia and Tiffany, for nominating me, and congratulations to all the nominees!

Thank you to all my fellow bloggers, friends, and family for supporting and sticking with me on his journey! I am grateful! I may not have nominated everyone, but please know that you are a valuable part of this blogging and writing community.




Rebekah Charles

Rebekah Charles

6 Responses

  1. Yaaaay thanks so much for the nomination Rebekah, and congratulations on yours! I love the story of how you started your blog and how you said you wanted it to be a safe-haven for yourself and others.

    I think given all these blogging peer recognition awards you keep getting, as well as the interaction I see you getting over on twitter, that it is safe to say you have accomplished that.

    Keep at it, I really love and admire what you do, and always look forward to seeing what is new on your blog. 🥰

    1. YAAAAAAYYYY and your are more thank welcome Hun!

      It is such a great and humbling feeling to be nominated. I take great joy that others enjoy my content, that it is relatable and that they find it helpful.Thanks so much again for your kind words!

  2. These awards are such a great way to support other bloggers. When I first started blogging I had tags for the awards and I made a lot of blogger friends. Congratulations on your nomination. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Lauren, thanks so much for your feedback! I am super excited and blessed to be nominated for so many blogger awards, it really makes you feel that your content matters and that it is important to so many! I do enjoy it!

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