The Emotional Pressures From Being A Teenager

Teenagers! What can we do about them? What comes to mind when you think of teenagers? As adults, some of us are sometimes quick to jump to the conclusion that teenagers are always moody, lazy, think they know it all, and so on. Granted that in some cases, this can be true from time to […]

The Powerful Effects of Positive Parenting

Being a parent is rewarding, but it comes with many challenges. From the time a person finds out that they will have a child, the first instinct and thoughts that form in their mind are doing things to ensure that their child gets all the care needed for a healthy and well-rounded development. so how […]

Effective Strategies To Understand and Manage Meltdowns

Nothing can make a parent or caregiver feel more powerless than a child experiencing meltdowns. The irrationality and tears can become overwhelming for parents, especially if in public. If a child experiences meltdowns in public, parents or caregivers may feel embarrassed and feel like failures because they cannot take control of the situation. Do not […]

What children worry about according to their age

Children do not have to pay bills, clean the house, cook dinner, or run errands, so what can they possibly worry about? But just like adults, kids experience their share of demands that if frustrations and disappointment begin to build, they can become stressed, overwhelmed, and worry.​ Worrying is a natural emotion that adults and children […]

6 Things You Need to know To Understand Your Teenager

It’s official! You finally have a teenager on your hands and you are super excited about the changes that are coming your way. Right?  You may even be anticipating challenges to occur and your family and friends are saying to you “good luck, teenage years are hard. Your child is going to be moody with […]

Parenting Styles & The Impact on Child Development

​Parenting can be tough, and when it comes to being a parent there are so many great ways in how a parent chooses to raise a child. At the same time, there are also many common factors across parents that researchers have categorized parents into four parenting styles. For many parents, from the time they […]

Surprising Details About Your Child’s Drawings

When your child draws you a beautiful picture and shows it to you, have you ever tried to interpret what it means, or if your child is trying to communicate something to you? Have you noticed any weird details in the drawings? Children’s drawings and scribbles can tell you many things. Children begin to draw […]