The Power Of Affirmations On Your Mental health

Every second and minute of the day, our body, feelings, actions, and emotions constantly change in response to the thoughts that run through our minds. The human mind is so powerful that it can generate thoughts far beyond our understanding. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions are closely related; that when our mind produces negative or […]

Combat Your Negative Thoughts To Become A More Powerful You

Are you an over thinker? Do you spend a lot of time stuck in your thoughts? Most of us spend a lot of time inside our minds. We spend time worrying about our past, present, and future. We are thinking about what the future holds, replaying past events, and focusing on aspects of our lives […]

Have You Reached The Point of Burnout & How To Recover

What would you say if I told you I am driving across New York to California without stopping? You most likely will say that there is no way that is possible because the car will eventually run out of gas, and I will never reach my destination. I may end up stranded, and what plans […]

Thoughtful Mental Health Gifts For The Holidays

Let’s face it, this has been one of the most trying years for all of us, and as the year draws to an end, we are still trying to end on a positive bang with a festive holiday season filled with love, gift-giving, and family time. Many of us are struggling more than usual this […]

Coping During The Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and it is usually a time where people are happy and joyous, reuniting with family and friends during this special time. This is not the case as the holiday season can be a dreaded time for some people and create an atmosphere of loneliness and bring about painful reflections. […]

The Dynamic Impact of Self-Esteem on Your Mental Health

As most of us may know, positive self-esteem is paramount to our well-being and success in life. But let’s face it; for some of us, having positive self-esteem all the time can be difficult because of environmental and societal factors. For others, it can be difficult to have a positive self-esteem period. Others can easily […]

Unbelievable Ways to Detox Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Life can get pretty stressful, daunting, overwhelming, and stagnant. When this happens, you may start to notice that your energy levels have been dropping day by day, and your surroundings are getting clustered and messy. You begin to feel stuck, your brain starts to get foggy, you lack motivation, and your creativity is low. Guess […]

The Damaging Stigma Behind Men’s Mental Health

In today’s society, the stigma behind mental health struggles is on the rise among men. Many factors contribute to it, one being the societal expectations and traditional gender roles expected of men. “The concept of ‘manliness’ as being strong and in control can mean it is seen as a weakness to ask from help. If […]

Surviving Abuse As A Child

Abuse is a topic that many people are not open to talking about or hearing. It raises many unpleasant emotions that make it challenging to deal with. Everyone admits that it goes on but rarely wants to admit that it happens, especially within families and intimate relationships. This is because it is too terrifying for […]

Men Have Emotions Too!

In today’s society, most men are known not to be big supporters of showing their feelings or talking about difficult emotions. Women are more prone to be the ones that are emotional and carefree when it comes to expressing their feelings.  Some may say that this is because many men are not equipped to handle […]