6 Effective Grounding Techniques To Calm Anxiety

We all struggle with anxiety from time to time when faced with challenging situations, terrible experiences, or just feelings of being overwhelmed with all the things that we need and want to do in life. There is no one size fits all when it comes to experiencing anxiety. We are unique, and our experiences will […]

Social Media & Its Affect on Mental Health

As humans, most of us yearn to be around others because it brings us purpose and meaning. Have you heard the saying ‘humans are social creatures’? We are considered social by nature because we want to have relationships and be a part of society. Through relationships with our friends and families, we gain knowledge and […]

8 Signs Of A Nervous Breakdown & How You Can Recover

Have you ever felt so consumed by life woes that you do not want to get out of bed or do anything at all? Or maybe you have experienced a traumatic event that the emotional pain is just too much for you to do anything else. You are feeling weak, stress, overwhelmed, irritable,  and unmotivated. […]

Trauma – 8 Powerful Strategies To Help In Recovery

In life, you may have experienced emotional pain and realize that the pain that is there every day is becoming harder to deal with. What you may have experienced maybe trauma. Trauma looks different for everyone and may go undetected because the signs can be overlooked as something else. Trauma is real and if anyone […]

Coping Strategies For Unpleasant Emotions

We’ve all experienced it before. Being face with a challenging situation, a terrible experience, or just feeling overwhelmed with all the things that we need and want to do in life. Trust me I have been there!! This is by far the toughest year for me! Besides COVID-19 and living in a society with so […]