Why Vulnerability Is Needed In Your Relationship

Love. We want it, we can’t live without it, and we yearn for it daily. From childhood growing into adulthood, love is a constant thing that everyone craves. We look for love, care, and acceptance from those closest to us – our parents, siblings, and our friends and significant others as adults. It’s a constant […]

Is Love Enough For Your Relationship?

When it comes to relationships, you have probably heard more than you can count that love conquers all and that all you need is love. But is love enough? As a child growing up watching tv shows, movies, or even music videos, they all depicted the idea that love was enough to make a relationship […]

Warning Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship

When in a relationship, the beginning is usually blissful, romantic, and memorable. Weeks have passed by, and you and your partner are on cloud nine. But as time passes by, you have encountered your first disagreement, and the way how your partner responds has caused your antenna to rise. However, you sweep it under the […]

Men Have Emotions Too!

In today’s society, most men are known not to be big supporters of showing their feelings or talking about difficult emotions. Women are more prone to be the ones that are emotional and carefree when it comes to expressing their feelings.  Some may say that this is because many men are not equipped to handle […]

The Five Love Languages To Make Love Last

Love! We want it, we need it, and we thrive on it! But how do we express and receive love from those around us, especially from our partners? Is love expressed and received in one way? Do you consider yourself a good lover? When you are in a relationship with your partner/spouse, you want to […]

8 Tools Needed For A Thriving Relationship

Love! We all want it, we all yearn for it either from a parent of a potential loved one. When you are in a relationship, the beginning is always fun and thrilling. You are getting to know all that you can about your partner and vice versa. You are both interested in spending a significant […]

How dangerous are ultimatums in a relationship?

Ultimatums are such a dreaded word when it comes up in relationships. It can even be the death of a relationship because of the weight that it carries. By Definition, an Ultimatum is “a final demand or statement of terms, the rejection of which will result in retaliation or a breakdown in relations.”  It’s either […]

6 Reasons Why You Need Space In A Relationship

Space in a relationship? Are you kidding me? Yes, my friends, you heard right! Space is needed for a long-lasting relationship. Space in a relationship can make you feel as though things are not going well or you and your partner can’t stand each other, but space is a good thing. Believe me, it is! […]