The Power Of Affirmations On Your Mental health

Every second and minute of the day, our body, feelings, actions, and emotions constantly change in response to the thoughts that run through our minds. The human mind is so powerful that it can generate thoughts far beyond our understanding. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions are closely related; that when our mind produces negative or […]

Do You Self-Sabotage? Stop Before It’s Too late!

Have you ever found yourself working towards something important to you only to end up failing or putting it off? I know I have, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Maybe you have felt so stressed or anxious when trying to achieve something or work something out that negative thoughts start to creep […]

Kick Start Your Journey To Self Discovery

Have you ever had to pause and think, “what am I doing with my life, and what do I want from life?” Maybe you have taken the first steps towards self-discovery but still have not reached where you want to be, or even do not know if you are yet on the right path.   […]

Have You Reached The Point of Burnout & How To Recover

What would you say if I told you I am driving across New York to California without stopping? You most likely will say that there is no way that is possible because the car will eventually run out of gas, and I will never reach my destination. I may end up stranded, and what plans […]

Prioritizing Self-Care During Christmas Week

Christmas week is here! Are you excited, stressed, or overwhelmed? It is usually the latter two. The holiday season comes with the hustle and bustle. There is plenty of excitement from seeing and spending time with family and friends, but there is also a lot of stress associated with it, especially during the last week/days […]

Thoughtful Mental Health Gifts For The Holidays

Let’s face it, this has been one of the most trying years for all of us, and as the year draws to an end, we are still trying to end on a positive bang with a festive holiday season filled with love, gift-giving, and family time. Many of us are struggling more than usual this […]

Coping During The Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and it is usually a time where people are happy and joyous, reuniting with family and friends during this special time. This is not the case as the holiday season can be a dreaded time for some people and create an atmosphere of loneliness and bring about painful reflections. […]

Unbelievable Ways to Detox Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Life can get pretty stressful, daunting, overwhelming, and stagnant. When this happens, you may start to notice that your energy levels have been dropping day by day, and your surroundings are getting clustered and messy. You begin to feel stuck, your brain starts to get foggy, you lack motivation, and your creativity is low. Guess […]

Setting Boundaries And Why You Need To Do It

Setting boundaries are difficult and uncomfortable. It is no walk in the park for most of us, but setting boundaries helps us establish healthy relationships. It also allows us to build a strong sense of self-worth. Boundaries are essential for thriving relationships and overall healthy life. Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you […]

6 Effective Grounding Techniques To Calm Anxiety

We all struggle with anxiety from time to time when faced with challenging situations, terrible experiences, or just feelings of being overwhelmed with all the things that we need and want to do in life. There is no one size fits all when it comes to experiencing anxiety. We are unique, and our experiences will […]