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 It can be very overwhelming filling out immigration applications. I was once in your shoes, and now I am at a point where I have become skilled and comfortable enough that I have been helping many families with their applications.


  • Free consultation to determine eligibility.
  • Communication can be done via virtual conversations (ZOOM), texts, emails, and/or phone calls.
  • We will work together to gather all the necessary data needed to complete forms.
  • We will also work on gathering all supporting documents needed to submit your applications.
  • Forms will be filled out (via PDF) and sent to you via email for printing.
  • Application fees and how to submit your fees will be explained.
  • Everything will be reviewed together thoroughly to ensure accuracy before you sign and date.
  • I will provide you with the appropriate mailing address to send your applications.
  • I will also provide you with a walk-through on what to do the day of when mailing your application through the post office.


  • (If your spouse is residing in the US) After your application is submitted and you have received an approval letter from USCIS, we will go through the next steps together to prepare you for your interview and what is required for you to bring.
  • (If your spouse is residing outside of the US) After your application is submitted and you have received an approval letter from USCIS, we will go through next steps to take via the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEA) on what documents to submit to prepare for your interview. 


Green Card through marriage – Living outside the US  ($997)

Green Card through marriage – Living in the US ($757)

Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) ($497)

Application for Naturalization (Citizenship) ($399)


*Payment due in full after determining you are eligible and a start date to begin the application process is set*

*The option of a payment plan is available and can be discussed during consultation*

PAYMENT METHODS ACCEPTED: PayPal, Cashapp, and Zelle


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